"How do you price your services?" 

"What does an explainer video usually cost?" 

These are common questions we get usually. And to be honest, it's a little difficult to answer straightforwardly. 

Explainer Videos can be confusing in terms of pricing. You can see some people offering a video for $400.00. Then there's companies who offer videos for over $40,000. Is there that big of a difference in quality when it comes to pricing? 

Honestly, yes. There is a specific type of result you can expect when you're going with the lowest price option available. You're likely going to find an unreliable freelancer who will say "yes, I can do this" to anything you ask. And then they may or may not do anything they've agreed to because they may or may not understand what they agreed to. 

If you do enough shopping around, you're going to see a difference in quality based on how much you pay. What do you consider your brand worth? Is your brand something that you want to show off, something that you want people to hold in high regard? If that's the case, then for the love of God don't go with the option above. 

But if you're looking for a video that is not just a cookie cutter creation, one that takes time and love to produce, and one that has a proven process from start to finish, we think you should speak with us. 

Not every company needs an explainer video, and that works perfect for us, because we put a lot of time into our projects. This means we can't take on an unlimited amount of clients. We are fortunate to be able to choose clients who we believe we can help. And we don't work with clients who aren't ready to use video as they have other more pressing matters in their business to tend to. 

Outside of the quality of the animation, here are a few other factors that affect the price of videos: 

Length - a 15 second video is going to be cheaper than a four minute video. The standard video is between 60-120 seconds for marketing. If you're creating training videos to help educate employees, lengths of these "Microlearning" projects are between 3 and 5 minutes. 

The amount of assets required to create in a 15 second video aren't going to be as many as there will be in a two minute video. However... if you have two minutes worth of 15 second videos, there will be a lot more assets then there will be in one two minute video. This is because in one video there is often overlap and we use the same characters and assets throughout the video. It's a story after all, and the hero is going to be in many of the scenes.  

Scriptwriting - If you're looking for a video to bring on more clients, having a confusing script with no proper marketing techniques just won't do it. Your video will flop. The script is actually more important than the animation in terms of getting customers to take action. We have a lot of experience with direct response marketing and storytelling, and are experts at grabbing and holding attention. 

The script and the animation work together in tandem to create the best possible combination to bring you new clients. Not every client will need a script written for them from scratch, but if you need to convert leads with video, then a script is going to differentiate what makes you who you are. 

Style - Not all animation styles are equal. The most popular for explainer videos is our 2D animations, but imagine the pricing for a video in the quality of a Pixar film... They can run upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars to produce. There's a big room in the middle there, but overall in order to produce 3D video it makes the cost skyrocket. Between 2D animations there's a lot of room as well. We have highly detailed videos that can go upwards of $9k per minute, or we have our more standard animation quality that is fantastic but not going to break the bank. Why? Because the 90% of skills required to make a video look amazing are there. But the extra 10% of extra polish is incredibly time consuming and thus, raises the price quite a bit. 

So to come full circle, there is no easy answer on price. Here's what we can tell you: It depends on the scope of your needs. But we provide the best value that we can. We've worked with ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, and PwC. The reason these companies hire us is because of the quality we're able to deliver. To maintain our standards, we only hire the best specialists and put much more effort than other companies in to each video we produce. This being said, for the quality we turn out, we are very competitively priced. 

In order for us to figure out a pricing strategy for you, we'll have to learn more about what you need. So let's talk. If we can help you, we'll be happy to create a video that's going to bring back returns on your investment. If not, then at the very least you'll get to learn about a few different strategic ideas. 

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