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We produce high-end videos to drive token sales, promote airdrops, and make lasting impressions to your investors.


First impressions are important. Sometimes they are the only chance we get.

Whether in romantic relationships, or in a business setting. If you can't make a good first impression, chances are you won't get the chance to make a second one.

This is why it's important to put your best foot forward, right away.

With all the noise on the blockchain market today, it's hard to get around dwindling attention spans to even be heard.

Research has shown that the human attention span has recently dropped to 8 seconds. For reference that's one second less than a goldfish.

More than a fun fact, this information shows how important it is to get your point across quickly and creatively.

This is especially important when it comes to the blockchain. Which is filled with projects that use words like "decentralized" and "interoperability".

We need some way to get and keep the attention of our investors.

Imagine the process of your website visitors. They hear about your project, they go to your website to check you out. They briefly scroll to see if they can figure out what you’re about and if they want to look at the white paper…

If they feel they will be bored and there will be a lot of complex concepts they need to figure out, they’ll decide they can invest in someone who delivers the information to them in a way they want.

We think it makes our projects seem sophisticated when we include complex concepts. But in reality, all it does is make your potential investor switch their brain off or move to another website.

As exciting as this industry is, human behaviour is the same. We want our information delivered to us easily. We don't want to strain our minds to understand a concept.

What you need is a simple, clear, and fast way to explain the following:

  • What your project does
  • What makes it unique
  • Why you're a project worth investing in

We use a proven process to get all of these points across.

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text is. Text is an active participation and video is passive.

In our opinion, there's no point in doing something if it's not going to be done properly.

This is why we don't create "so-so" animations. We don't offer a cookie cutter solution. We purposely aren't streamlined.

We believe that each project is unique and needs to be explained in it's own specific way. What works for one company, won't work for another.

We have a specific process that gets to the root of your target market. We do research to figure out what their main concern is, and then we craft your message in a way that makes them pay attention.

We combine this message with eye-popping visuals to ensure your project is associated with high-quality.

Between The Lines has been trusted by over 50 companies to create amazing animations. And we are looking to elevate the blockchain technology in a way that helps this amazing new industry continue its upward advance. 

This involves working with projects that we believe in to help them grow as fast as possible. 

Think this is you? Let's get in touch and chat. 



We will respond within 24 hours. Guaranteed. 


“Using your video we had an increase in sign-ups to our event by over 50%! And we spent less on marketing to boot!”
— — Mehrdad Pazooki, Tranquant